Promotional Products That Stick!

Launching a promotion? Need some promotional products? Wait, what are promotional products? Promotional products are various kinds of merchandise branded with a logo or tag line to promote a business, brand, corporate identity, event, product release, social organization, political campaign or basically anything you want to generate some hype about. These materials are often given away freely for the purpose of fostering awareness and positive feelings about the subject of promotion. Since a business or organization will be absorbing the cost of these branded goods for marketing purposes, part of the initiative often requires that these items are cost effective, but without compromising quality. People love free stuff, but cheap or poor-quality promotional goods can have the opposite of the desired effect on consumers and instead of feeling positive about the brand, they feel disdain and where’s the benefit in that?

If you’re starting a promotional campaign, Sticky Business can help! We’ve got an assortment of quality yet affordable options for brand swag (all of them “sticky” because that’s what we do). Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Magnets are a fun and useful product to promote your business, campaign or event and can effectively display your message both indoors and outdoors. Some applications for custom magnets include company business cards, event announcements, car door magnets, service alerts for appliances, useful calendars and more. Use this product as a promotional gift to stay fresh in the minds of your existing customers and gain exposure to new ones.


A cool decal is a great promotional product because stickers have the potential to go places! People stick them to vehicles, bicycles, helmets, binders, laptops, letters, parcels and countless other places. You can enhance the scale of your message by printing a QC code on your decal for people to scan and be directed to your website or a landing page to a contest, game, promotion or giveaway. Foster fans by associating your company with a cool sticker that offers a unique opportunity.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a classic example of a promotional product. Whether you’re a candidate running for re-election or a brand new college radio station, raise awareness by giving away bumper stickers so your supporters can help move your message.

Domed Decals

If you really want to go the extra mile with a promotional decal, you should consider a domed decal. This product is particularly eye-catching, and the quality produced at Sticky Business is superb. A well-designed graphic or logo can make an awesome domed decal that everyone will want to stick. Indoors or outdoors, these durable decals will look fantastic for years, so make sure it’s a message you want to last!

Printed Tape

Custom printed tape is a different kind of promotional material since it’s not being given away for use in the same manner as other promotional goods; however, it is still an effective and inexpensive option for promoting your business or brand. Many eyes fall on a package moving through the shipping channels and printed tape is a great way to gain some brand exposure with very little effort at all.

Branded tape is also useful to remind your clients which company they ordered from, because they could be receiving frequent packages from online orders. Stand out from all the Amazon boxes moving through the shipping system with some colorful printed tape! If your business ships product, don’t miss the opportunity to shout out your brand from door to door.

There is value to be gained in garnering brand awareness through distributing promotional materials. Make your message stick in the minds of potential customers with our help!