The Importance of Industrial Labels

Industrial Safety Labels

The Importance of Industrial Labels

Industrial labels play a very important part in the manufacturing process and are used in many different situations such as trace-ability, compliance, shipping and receiving and stock control. Tape and Label Converters create industrial labels that are durable and can survive extreme environments like abrasion, heat, cold temperatures, chemicals and exposure to solvents. 

Since safety is a big part of the manufacturing process as well as protecting the brand of your product having the right industrial label matters. You want durable labels that will continue to perform in all environments and can help to identify areas of caution in the workplace such as moving parts on automatic machinery, which brings us back to workplace safety.

With different types of surfaces and environments, a one size fits all solution is not an option in this case and this is why we recommend that we work closely with you to understand exactly what your needs are and customize a solution that is designed for your company needs.

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Creating high-quality food labels

Custom Labels

Creating high-quality food labels

Custom Labels

Creating high-quality food labels involves several key considerations to ensure accuracy, compliance, and appeal to consumers. Here’s a guide to crafting such labels:

  1. Accuracy of Information: Ensure all information on the label is accurate, including nutritional facts, ingredient lists, serving sizes, and allergen information. Inaccurate information can lead to legal issues and erode consumer trust.
  2. Compliance with Regulations: Familiarize yourself with food labeling regulations in your target market. Different countries have varying requirements regarding what information must be included on food labels, such as FDA regulations in the United States or EU regulations in Europe.
  3. Clear and Legible Font: Use a clear and legible font that is easy to read, even at a small size. Consider using bold text for important information like allergens or nutritional values to make them stand out.
  4. High-Quality Graphics: Use high-resolution images and graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the label. This includes images of the product, company logos, and any relevant symbols or certifications.
  5. Attractive Design: Design the label in a way that is visually appealing and reflects the brand identity. Use colors, typography, and layout to create a cohesive and eye-catching design that draws consumers’ attention.
  6. Sustainability Information: If applicable, include information about the sustainability of the product or packaging. This could include certifications like Fair Trade or information about recyclability.
  7. Transparent Communication: Be transparent about the product’s attributes, such as whether it’s organic, non-GMO, or free from certain additives. Transparency builds trust with consumers who are increasingly concerned about the quality and origin of their food.
  8. Concise and Informative: Keep the label concise while still providing all necessary information. Too much text can overwhelm consumers, so prioritize the most important details.
  9. Placement of Information: Arrange the information on the label in a logical and intuitive manner. Important information like allergens and nutritional facts should be easy to find and read.
  10. Testing and Feedback: Before finalizing the label, conduct testing with focus groups or target consumers to gather feedback on its effectiveness and clarity. Make any necessary adjustments based on this feedback before printing the final labels.

By following these guidelines, you can create high-quality food labels that not only comply with regulations but also effectively communicate important information to consumers and enhance the overall appeal of your product.

Personal Care Product Labels

Personal Care Product Labels

Personal Care Product Labels

Personal Care Product Labels

Our industry expertise allows us the experience and knowledge to manufacture labels for a wide range of industries which include Personal care. We work with numerous businesses to ensure that their labels follow all industry regulations that are performing in harsh environments.

Personal Care Labels must be able to withstand both wet conditions and continue to perform, so that customers can still read vital information long after the purchase date. In order to withstand harsh environments our team of production experts manufacture the labels using a Polyethylene material which is capable of withstanding moisture damage ensuring the integrity of the products label.

The design features the logo which takes pride of place at the top of the label.

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Promotional Products That Stick!

Set of sale tickets, labels, stamps, stickers, corners, tags

Launching a promotion? Need some promotional products? Wait, what are promotional products? Promotional products are various kinds of merchandise branded with a logo or tag line to promote a business, brand, corporate identity, event, product release, social organization, political campaign or basically anything you want to generate some hype about. These materials are often given away freely for the purpose of fostering awareness and positive feelings about the subject of promotion. Since a business or organization will be absorbing the cost of these branded goods for marketing purposes, part of the initiative often requires that these items are cost effective, but without compromising quality. People love free stuff, but cheap or poor-quality promotional goods can have the opposite of the desired effect on consumers and instead of feeling positive about the brand, they feel disdain and where’s the benefit in that?

If you’re starting a promotional campaign, Sticky Business can help! We’ve got an assortment of quality yet affordable options for brand swag (all of them “sticky” because that’s what we do). Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Magnets are a fun and useful product to promote your business, campaign or event and can effectively display your message both indoors and outdoors. Some applications for custom magnets include company business cards, event announcements, car door magnets, service alerts for appliances, useful calendars and more. Use this product as a promotional gift to stay fresh in the minds of your existing customers and gain exposure to new ones.


A cool decal is a great promotional product because stickers have the potential to go places! People stick them to vehicles, bicycles, helmets, binders, laptops, letters, parcels and countless other places. You can enhance the scale of your message by printing a QC code on your decal for people to scan and be directed to your website or a landing page to a contest, game, promotion or giveaway. Foster fans by associating your company with a cool sticker that offers a unique opportunity.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a classic example of a promotional product. Whether you’re a candidate running for re-election or a brand new college radio station, raise awareness by giving away bumper stickers so your supporters can help move your message.

Domed Decals

If you really want to go the extra mile with a promotional decal, you should consider a domed decal. This product is particularly eye-catching, and the quality produced at Sticky Business is superb. A well-designed graphic or logo can make an awesome domed decal that everyone will want to stick. Indoors or outdoors, these durable decals will look fantastic for years, so make sure it’s a message you want to last!

Printed Tape

Custom printed tape is a different kind of promotional material since it’s not being given away for use in the same manner as other promotional goods; however, it is still an effective and inexpensive option for promoting your business or brand. Many eyes fall on a package moving through the shipping channels and printed tape is a great way to gain some brand exposure with very little effort at all.

Branded tape is also useful to remind your clients which company they ordered from, because they could be receiving frequent packages from online orders. Stand out from all the Amazon boxes moving through the shipping system with some colorful printed tape! If your business ships product, don’t miss the opportunity to shout out your brand from door to door.

There is value to be gained in garnering brand awareness through distributing promotional materials. Make your message stick in the minds of potential customers with our help!

Looking to Label Food Products? Give us a call!

Food Product Label

Looking to Label Food Products? Give us a call!

Being able to supply some of the largest names in the food industry with high quality labels is something, here at Tape & Label Converters we pride ourselves highly on.  We understand that it is important your food label helps your product stand out to your target market, that is why it is important you choose your label manufacturer carefully.  You need a label manufacturer you can trust, that have fantastic attention to detail matched by world class customer service and swift response with delivery times, ensuring that your products are always labelled to the highest of standards and are always delivered to you on time.

Tape & Label Converters also work closely alongside many smaller companies, so know matter your company size – if you are in need of food labels we can help! Contact our expert sales team for a free quotation today.

Printed Labels for Credit Cards

Credit Card Labels

Printed Labels for Credit Cards

Utilizing vibrant UV inks on synthetic film helps these self adhesive labels stand out on the card . As we are all aware in this day and age our new Credit cards, Debit cards, Loyalty cards etc all come with extra security features that require activation and registration – and this is something that more often than not we all need reminding of.

With this in mind the customer asked Tape and Label Converters to create printed labels with a high-quality and reliable adhesive that would enable their customers to easily remove labels from their cards after activation.

Increasing Sales by Using a Good Wine Label Design

Wine Bottle Label

Increasing Sales by Using a Good Wine Label Design

You might be asking yourself how can a wine label be designed in a way that encourages consumers to pick up the bottle compared to its competitors?

With all the different types of wines sitting out there on your local supermarket shelves it can make it more difficult for all the different wineries to stand out and apart from each other.

For us ordinary folk who aren’t wine connoisseurs it can be stressful deciding which bottle of wine to bring to a dinner party or picking which wine goes well with a certain dish. This can lead to aimless browsing in the wine aisles. At impulse it’s easiest just pick out a bottle based on its label, hoping that is taste good. A carefully crafted label can make people think the bottle is way more expensive than it is.

Why are consumers compelled to pick up a certain kind of wine while ignoring the others? Wine labels have a big factor to play in this as they can convey emotions to potential buyers. Evoke feelings and even produce memory recall. A playful, quirkier label can command a lot of attention for the younger generation of drinkers, while a more cream-colored embossed logo of a vintner’s house can impress more of the mature wine drinkers.

A recent study has shown that millennials are more attracted to brightly colored wine logos and bolder fonts. The study continues and shows that 94% remember wines better if the label was a bit louder and graphic compared to more traditional labels, there are some key elements to think about when overall choosing your label design.

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Why Use Deep Freeze Labels on Your Products

Deep Freezer Labels

Why Use Deep Freeze Labels on Your Products

Deep Freeze labels are used mainly for food packaging/storage. They stay adhered to the products packaging when frozen, unlike standard labels which fall off because general purpose adhesive fails when exposed to cold temperatures. Deep freeze labels can be used in a variety of situations where products or packaging are exposed to the outdoor elements, such as sub-zero environmental conditions.

Choosing freezer labels without good research and accurate information can be hurtful to your business, which is why knowledge of the labels elements and how they perform in different conditions is a must if you want to get quality your business and products deserve. At Tape & Label Converters we have been at the forefront of providing high quality labeling solutions and have unrivaled industry knowledge regarding many different labeling applications.

Our expert customer service team will help advise you and discuss the types of substrates used in cold environments, including the various type of labels we offer and match a solution to your specifications.

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Wholesale Custom Printing Labels

Wholesale Custom Labels

Wholesale Custom Printing LabelsWholesale Custom Printing Labels

Custom Labels: Our product and service solutions make label ordering a quick and easy process. Place your order via phone and you will receive your wholesale printed labels within 3 to 7 days. For custom designs, we also accept your artwork.

Quick Response: Call us for a quote or fill out the form for request for quote to help you make a quick decision about your order.

Custom Budgets: Our competitive prices allow us to work within any budget size.

Instant Shipping: How quickly do you want your order to be delivered? We ship overnight, 2 to 3 day lead time, and even provide rush services. For in-house artwork, the shipping time begins after artwork is approved by the client.

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Our Standout Cannabis Labeling

Cannabis Labeling

Standout Cannabis Labeling

Brand your cannabis products & events with your own custom marijuana packaging. Ideal for sealing bags, containers, jars & boxes or simply creating promotional stickers. Choose from stickers, labels or tape to give your marijuana packaging a memorable, branded look.

Make a statement that befits your brand with custom stickers, labels or tape from Tape & Label Converters. Promote your brand wherever applicable – from events to dispensaries, product labels and packaging. Our durable vinyl stickers and labels are laminated, making them weather-resistant and perfect for keeping their polish for a long time.

Create custom stickers to promote your cannabis brand, dispensary or event. Custom labels for cannabis containers, jars or edibles. Custom tape to secure shipments. Whatever your marijuana packaging needs, simply choose a size and quantity, then upload your design. You can approve your proof or request changes until you’re happy.

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