Custom Labels

Printed Labels for Credit Cards

Utilizing vibrant UV inks on synthetic film helps these self adhesive labels stand out on the card . As we are all aware in this day and age our new Credit cards, Debit cards, Loyalty cards etc all come with extra security features that require activation and registration – and this is something that more often than not we all need reminding of.

With this in mind the customer asked Tape and Label Converters to create printed labels with a high-quality and reliable adhesive that would enable their customers to easily remove labels from their cards after activation.

Why Use Tamper Evident Labels

What are the purpose of tamper evident labels?

A tamper evident label is used to provide a clear indication that a label, seal or re-closure has been removed.  A standard paper or file with a permanent adhesive may meet many customers requirements.  However, in more demanding applications, special tamper evident materials are available.

Further enhance your product security with…

Holographic tamper evident labels.  These labels are created by transferring an extremely thin layer containing the holographic label security image onto a frangible security paper.  This construction is based with a permanent adhesive that “sets” quickly to the surface when the hologram is applied. Once set, the label is destroyed if removal is attempted, you can also personalize the image printed on the label, reinforcing brand integrity.

Business Barcode Labels Designed for you

We can help ensure your business attain the optimal balance between price and performance with our barcode labels from Tape & Label Converters. Barcode labels are a great option for helping maintain proper inventory levels, the shipping and manufacturing applications where tracking capabilities are necessary for your business to operate.

Selecting the correct barcode for your business needs can be a simple process and is generally determined by what type of information you need your barcode to provide. We offer a wide variety of solutions manufactured to survive water, chemicals, abrasion and weathering, so our labels will stand up to any environmental challenges for the life of your product. 

Freshly Made Sandwich Labels for Day Fresh Products

Our expert production team can manufacture these versatile labels for your companies day fresh sandwiches using the latest printing technology and techniques for added on shelf appeal. The company logo is featured prominently at the top of the label, while the whole label design matches the companies overall look .

The labels are finished with an over printable varnish that allows your company to print variable information over the labels, such as ingredients, pricing and bar codes, making these labels versatile so they can be used across many products.

For more details on our label printing service you can contact us at 562-945-3486 or you can email the Sales Team.