Mactac Pressure sensitive adhesive PureFloat

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has recognized a new Mactac pressure sensitive adhesive PureFloat for the association’s highest recyclability standard.

PureFloat is a permanent acrylic emulsion adhesive intended for polyester (PET) bottle labeling applications. It was designed specifically to be washed off cleanly to allow the container to be recycled.

‘Meeting APR standards is a significant step for Mactac in demonstrating our company’s commitment to the environmental impact and recyclability of our products,’ said Kim Hensley, senior marketing manager at Mactac Performance Adhesives.

To receive APR recognition products must meet or exceed the most challenging test conditions and strict guidance criteria developed as the result of a multi-industry consensus of key issues related to recycling post-consumer PET bottles.

The criteria met is known as the APR Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label for PET Bottles Critical Guidance requirements and applies to Mactac labelstocks pairing the PureFloat adhesive with a 2.6-mil white top-coated polypropylene facestock or a 2.0-mil clear top-coated polypropylene.

The clear and white polypropylene product combinations can undergo common PET recycling processes without contaminating any PET flake by-products. During the washing process, Mactac’s labels easily separate from the PET container and float, allowing high-value, clean PET flakes to be recovered.

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