Why Use Deep Freeze Labels on Your Products

Deep Freezer Labels

Why Use Deep Freeze Labels on Your Products

Deep Freeze labels are used mainly for food packaging/storage. They stay adhered to the products packaging when frozen, unlike standard labels which fall off because general purpose adhesive fails when exposed to cold temperatures. Deep freeze labels can be used in a variety of situations where products or packaging are exposed to the outdoor elements, such as sub-zero environmental conditions.

Choosing freezer labels without good research and accurate information can be hurtful to your business, which is why knowledge of the labels elements and how they perform in different conditions is a must if you want to get quality your business and products deserve. At Tape & Label Converters we have been at the forefront of providing high quality labeling solutions and have unrivaled industry knowledge regarding many different labeling applications.

Our expert customer service team will help advise you and discuss the types of substrates used in cold environments, including the various type of labels we offer and match a solution to your specifications.

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