Flexographic vs Digital Printing

Digitally Printed Labels

Flexographic vs Digital Printing

There are so many choices to make when you are having labels printed, one of these choices will be choosing between flexographic and digital printing.  We’ve listed a few benefits of both processes below to help you figure out exactly what is it you want!

Flexographic printing

Enhanced durability – if your product has a long shelf life or is for outdoor use, flexographic would be the decision for you.

Low cost – If you are having a large amount of labels printed the end sum will come out a fair bit lower than it would if printed digitally.

Precision of colour – You will achieve exact matches of colour with the use of the Pantone Colour System.

Digital printing

Low cost – If you are having a small amount of labels printed the digital process will be cheaper.

You can tweak your design easily.

Faster turnaround than flexographic as the process does not require printing plates and therefore reduces set-up time.