Increasing Sales by Using a Good Wine Label Design

Wine Bottle Label

Increasing Sales by Using a Good Wine Label Design

You might be asking yourself how can a wine label be designed in a way that encourages consumers to pick up the bottle compared to its competitors?

With all the different types of wines sitting out there on your local supermarket shelves it can make it more difficult for all the different wineries to stand out and apart from each other.

For us ordinary folk who aren’t wine connoisseurs it can be stressful deciding which bottle of wine to bring to a dinner party or picking which wine goes well with a certain dish. This can lead to aimless browsing in the wine aisles. At impulse it’s easiest just pick out a bottle based on its label, hoping that is taste good. A carefully crafted label can make people think the bottle is way more expensive than it is.

Why are consumers compelled to pick up a certain kind of wine while ignoring the others? Wine labels have a big factor to play in this as they can convey emotions to potential buyers. Evoke feelings and even produce memory recall. A playful, quirkier label can command a lot of attention for the younger generation of drinkers, while a more cream-colored embossed logo of a vintner’s house can impress more of the mature wine drinkers.

A recent study has shown that millennials are more attracted to brightly colored wine logos and bolder fonts. The study continues and shows that 94% remember wines better if the label was a bit louder and graphic compared to more traditional labels, there are some key elements to think about when overall choosing your label design.

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