Benefits of Wrap-around Product Labels

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Benefits of Wrap-around Product Labels

Benefits of Wrap-around Product Labels

Wrap-around labels offer you the ability to fit extra information on to your products or offer a lot of information within a small space. They are crease free when wrapped around cylindrical items, which can be particularly useful for small products.

The wrap-around labels work in relation to major label law changes in the food industry. The changes mean you could need creative ways to fit extra information on to your food labels without detracting from the impact of your brand.

The FIC food and nutrition labeling regulations came into effect in December last year with another huge 27 amendments planned between that December 2014 and 2017. The changes involve the displaying of extra mandatory information on food labels and better legibility of text which may involve fitting more onto an existing label.

Wrap-around Label Benefits

  • Non-curling of printed and cut labels to support process ability
  • Superior anti-static properties for efficient and reliable labeling process
  • High printing speed, abrasion resistance and anti-static properties

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