Make Your Mail Personal & Professional With Custom Address Labels

Customer Address Labels

Make Your Mail Personal & Professional With Custom Address Labels

Address labels are the perfect way to make your mail more presentable. Whether you’re looking to add personality or professionalism, we’ve got address labels to make your mail look perfect!

Address Labels – A Practical & Pretty Addition To All Your Mail

While you can use address labels simply to make your mail more decorative or professional in appearance, there’s a lot to be said for the practical benefits of printing address labels.

Printing address labels can save you a lot of time – especially if you’ve got a long mailing list. There are plenty of automated tools to speed up the process even further. For example, mail merges are a brilliant tool, whether you’re a business or organisation getting in touch with customers, clients, or supporters or simply an individual who has a very long Christmas card list.

Printing labels is also a lot less strenuous than handwriting your own address labels and you get a perfectly uniform set of labels – brilliant if your handwriting tends to get a bit wonky.

You may worry that printed address labels aren’t as personal as handwritten ones but there are hundreds of ways to personalize address labels to make sure that they are truly unique. Decorative designs, fonts, and photographs can all be included to make your address labels your own.

Printing address labels allows you to combine the practical and the pretty to ensure that your post gets where it needs to go AND lets people know who it’s from – before they even open it! For example, you could include a personal message (or design) or company/organisation details and branding.

Tape and Label Converters was founded in 1960 and was acquired in 1977 by the current owners. We were located in East Los Angeles until 1988 when we expanded and moved to our present location in Santa Fe Springs Ca. Tape and Label Converters has the unique distinction of having been chosen as an official licensee of the 1984 Olympics and supplied label and decal products to many of the major sponsors.

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The Advantages of Using Flexographic Printing in Consumer Goods Products

Eco friendly printing

The Advantages of Using Flexographic Printing in Consumer Goods ProductsThe Advantages of Using Flexographic Printing in Consumer Goods Products

Flexographic printing is known for providing quality results with its efficiency speed.  This type of printing is continuing to grow, despite widespread digitization by many of the printing sectors.  Those in the label printing business, like us, understand the importance of knowing how this type of printing machine operates.

A few advantages of flexographic printing to start as I mentioned above the speediness of the production process, which can help reduce labor cost, which in turn reduces overall cost of the labels for the client.  Flexography also accommodates a variety of ink types from water based through solvent & U.V curable inks.   This helps make it the most versatile process for any printing application.  To determine the type of ink used is depending on the material to be printed on, is it porous or non-porous, so there really is no limit to the substrate you can use.

Flexographic printing is an excellent choice when it comes to volume production and fast turnaround requirements.  Once the new job is set up, the process is fast since they are automated up to the finishing stage, such as laminating, over varnishing, sheeting, and die cutting.  Most other types of printing do all these steps separately.  Flexographic printing equipment can be environmentally friendly, as well as below in operational cost.  Ink costs and material costs are relatively low, with no special coatings required.

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Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 update

At Tape & Label Converters, Inc., we are committed to the health and safety of our employees, as well as continuing to serve our customers, including the urgently critical Food Industry. We are following the guidelines from the CDC, WHO, and Los Angeles County Health departments. We have ensured that all sales team members can work remotely while providing the same high level of service you’ve come to expect from us.

Though the way we are conducting business during these challenging times may be different, our presses are operating, and orders are shipping out daily.

We have been in contact with our vendors and are assured that they, too, have plans in place to lessen the spread of COVID-19.  Tape & Label Converters only uses materials sourced from U.S. companies.  Furthermore, all our labels are made right here in the USA.  

We will continue to contact you if any open order is impacted by factors beyond our control, and work with you for any alternative solutions, if possible.

We understand that many of you have been impacted in your homes and businesses already, and we want to continue to connect with you to ensure that we are doing what we can to keep your businesses going. 

•  Our website continues to be available online 24/7.
•  Speak to one of us by phone during business hours at 562-945-3486

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team if we can do anything to help. We are here to continue partnering with you.  Please stay safe.