Custom Labels

Pros & Cons of Using Matt and Gloss Labels

As with any material you choose, there are always advantages and disadvantages to each type of finish.

Gloss Labels

Glossy LabelsThis decorative finish is often popular because it offers a more subtle decoration compared to, say, colored labels. The bright and shiny surface creates an attractive and professional finish, which can draw attention to important information. Gloss labels have special coatings, which add extra beneficial properties. For example, coatings tend to create a smoother finish and can offer protective properties, resulting in tougher and more durable sticky labels. They may also offer limited protection from environmental elements such as moisture. While paper labels can never be fully waterproof, our gloss and semi-gloss paper labels are “splashproof” and can be wiped clean and dry if lightly splashed with water.

Matte Labels

Matte labels may not be as decorative as gloss labels but this can be a benefit. Their subtle flat finish allows additional print to be added onto matte surfaces without drawing attention to the fact that this has been done. Some matte labels (especially matte transparent labels) become almost invisible after application, making it seem as though your additional print is actually part of the labelled item. Matt labels tend to be uncoated (with a rougher surface), although additional coatings can improve the finish. They can also be made with waterproof materials to create waterproof matte labels suitable for outdoor (or indoor) use. A less reflective surface can also be beneficial when the print must be easy to read – by humans or by machines. Gloss labels may be harder to read when light sources reflect off the surface. Matt labels are a better option for barcode labels and QR code labels. While some readers do not rely on detecting fluctuating levels of reflected light, traditional optical scanners do. The reflective surface of gloss labels may prevent barcodes and QR codes scanning correctly. The (usually) rougher surface of matte labels is often more receptive to handwritten or drawn designs along with craft materials, such as foils and stamps.

So Which Finish Should I Choose?

Ultimately, the choice between matte labels and gloss labels is up to you. Generally, it depends on the appearance you want for your self adhesive labels (and your labelled items). If you don’t have any practical considerations to bear in mind (which might rule out one or other of the finishes), it really does just depend on the finish that you prefer.

Food Labels are Important

If you notice we see labels on every food or drinks packet we reach for at home, work or on the move. They are on your favorite bottles of beverages, chocolate bars and food packages; they are so common we almost don’t even notice them anymore – but why are food labels so important?



  1. Ingredients
    • Customers need to know what is in the food that they are eating. Food labels give consumers a list of ingredients, so they can identify exactly how healthy (or unhealthy) the product in question is. Many people believe that the longer the list of ingredients, the unhealthier the product but this isn’t necessarily true!
    • Labels on food are also a great way of advertising your product as consumers rarely buy something without knowing what’s in it.
  2. Health Risks
    • Food labels are also important in helping customers avoid health risks, especially if they have allergies or ingredients they should avoid.
    • By keeping your customers informed of the potential risks to their health, you help them decide on the best product for them – and food labels play a key role in this.
  1. Instructions
    • Labels on food, and especially medicines, are vital when it comes to questions on its use. Cooking instructions, appropriate storage methods and other key pieces of information are listed on food labels.
    • Offering helpful information on your food labels gives consumers confidence in using your product, especially when it comes to cooking instructions as this gets the best flavor from the food and helps them avoid sickness.